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Online-Journal "Case Reports in Oncology"

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in Oncology

Die erste Zeitschrift, die sich ausschliesslich mit Fallbeispielen in der Onkologie befasst. Freier Online-Zugang, peer-reviewed und in PubMed indexiert.

The first oncology journal dedicated exclusively to case reports. Open access, online only journal; not available in print.

Aims and Scope
This peer-reviewed online-only journal publishes original case reports covering the entire spectrum of oncology, including prevention, diagnosis, treatment, toxicities of therapy, supportive care, quality-of-life, and survivorship issues. The journal will also accept case reports dealing with the use of novel technologies, both in the arena of diagnosis and treatment. The intent of the journal is to provide clinicians and researchers with a tool to disseminate their personal experiences to a wider public as well as to review interesting cases encountered by colleagues all over the world.

Universally used terms can be searched across the entire growing collection of case reports, further facilitating the retrieval of specific information.

Following the open access principle, the entire contents can be retrieved at no charge, guaranteeing easy access to this valuable source of anecdotal information at all time.

M. Markman, Philadelphia, Pa.

Bibliographic Details
Case Reports in Oncology
Journal Abbreviation: Case Rep Oncol
e-ISSN 1662-6575 (Online)

Listed in the Directory of Open Access Journals of the Lund University Library and Amedeo

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