Health Policy

Health Policy

As the largest network of oncology experts in Germany, the German Cancer Society not only deals with questions concerning cancer care, but also provides expert opinion on health policy issues in various committees, discussions and opinion forms. Our discussion forum ‘Focus on Oncology’ is held three times a year to address important public health topics.

The National Cancer Plan

In collaboration with the German Cancer Aid and the Association of German Tumor Centers, we are the co-founder of the German National Cancer Plan, which was launched in 2008 by the Federal Ministry of Health. The National Cancer Plan initially focused on the following fields:

• Further development of cancer screening,
• Further improvement in structural aspects of oncology care and quality assurance,
• Ensuring effective oncological treatment (initial focus on drug therapy),
• Strengthening patient orientation in cancer care.

The German Cancer Society is part of a number of working groups, involved in the implementation of the National Cancer Plan.

Clinical Cancer Registries

A milestone in the implementation of the National Cancer Plan was the adoption of a new law in spring 2013 that provides the framework for the establishment of comprehensive clinical cancer registries by all the federal states of Germany. Moreover, under the new law, certain examinations for cancer screening will be conducted as organized screening programs in the future.


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